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18th September 1926 - 27th February 2019

In part, my interest in local history began when aged just 11 years old, I bought a copy of the 1951 Barrett's Directory for Blackburn & District from a jumble sale in the community hall (or whatever it is) on the corner of St Andrew's St & Limbrick.  I know I was just 11 years old, as I childishly wrote my name and age all over its pages (which I later regretted). I still have the directory.

I had gone to the jumble sale that Summer evening with my mum. Thanks mum.

I'm 61 as I type this, so it's 50 years since I paid my 5p for that old directory back in 1969, yet I can remember it like it was yesterday. I can even recall my mum saying to me, as we made our way back up to our house on Shear Brow, her carrying a bag full of her purchases (kids clothes mainly) and me clutching my old book  ''What the heck have you bought that for Colin'' 

To be honest, at the time I wasn't too sure myself why I had bought it, it just looked interesting.
Our lovely mum passed away just a couple of weeks ago, after battling Vascular Dementia & Alzheimer's for 10 years.

Born in Dublin, where she lived for the first 20 years of her life, she also lived in Clitheroe, London, Preston and Lytham. She lived in Blackburn the longest though, about 54 years by my reckoning.

As mum spent over half of a century here in this town, like the rest of its inhabitants, she is a part of Blackburn's Past. She is also now buried here, along with my dad at Pleasington Cemetery.

I've never monetized this blog in all the years I've been running it, never allowed advertising on its pages and I still have no intentions of doing so.
But I would like to use it to publicly say a huge 'Thank You' to the funeral directors that handled our mum's funeral earlier this week. They were professional, kind, accommodating and helpful throughout, at what is always a bad time for any family.

So on behalf of our family, thank you to Jonathan and his colleagues at:

Waring McKenna Funeralcare
Grimshaw Park

(And no, before anyone asks, I do not have any vested interest in their business)  

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