Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Bangor Street School - First half of the 20th century

Bangor Street School.
This photo must have been taken before WW2, as the Air Raid shelters aren't on the land in the foreground. I went to school here for a couple of years (1969 - 71) when it was St Albans Seniors.
It is now a community centre.


  1. Its unbelievable that it's still standing really. I'd never seen this before, and I've just looked now on Google Street View - I might drive up there some time. Thanks for this!

  2. It's been altered a bit, but the original structure is still very recognisable.

  3. Spent some happy days there between 1949/52. :)

  4. I used this photo in this slide show too. If the link doesn't work, just type Life In A Northern Town into the search in the top left corner of the homepage (well any page) and it should take you to it.



  5. I went to this school 1960/64.loved every minute of redhead.left school and joined up.
    dave briggs

  6. I went to bangor street school.1960/ time of my life.loved every minute of mates and teachers were great...paul b.bruce..Ronnie c.harry r.and the best teacher mister redhead.

  7. does anyone remember Joe conlon who was headmaster at St Albans higher grade on Larkhill before moving to bangor st

    1. Yes I do. Joe Conlon was Headmaster when I went to St Albans High school. Do you remember Mr Mercer he was Headmaster of the junior school.

      James Powles

    2. vaguely remember Mr mercer...My teachers were...Billy brick {swarbrick} mercer...grimshaw..and some at Quarry street {metal and wood}
      Attended from around "59>65
      anything ring bells...
      If so you can email me.{live down under}

      Ken Parry...{paz}
      kennethparry@bigpond . com

    3. I attended St Alban's from about 62 to 66. I remember Mr Swarbrick, Ma Mercer, Tom Grimshaw, Mr Chesworth (his party piece was: "Sit down, shut up and pay attention"), Mr Hilton, the unsinkable Joe Conlon, Mr Wilkinson, Mr Parkinson an his pals Mr Whippy snd the anvil, Mr Bradly and I'm sure there was more. Happy days!

  8. Yep wood work teacher Mr Brooks metal Mr Parkinson P/E teacher Mr How science Doc Bradley. Mr Lyons and Ma Parker where from the Bonnys . Attended from around 58>68

  9. Hi I attended Bangor street School from 1948 to 1952 when I left to start work at Ribble Motors in Blackburn. anybody remember George Kirby

  10. Hi My Name Shaun Gregory,I went to St Albans from 1954 to 59
    I remember a few boys names,like Micheal Heaton,Paul Towers,David Eccleston John Jump,Kevin Worden.I remember most of the teachers,Joe Conlan especially as he put me off defending other people from bullies for life Mr Wilkinson I remember as a really nice teacher and a laugh, Old Perkis was a hoot we attended his class in "the cabin" Anyone remember getting caned for having a picture of Diana Dors on a cig Card,Half the school got hammered.
    Cannon Mcenry was at the church,Tried his best to put great fear into the boys,Didnt work on me though.
    I'm 72 now and I suppose a lot of people I knew will no longer be around,If you are,Get in touch,
    My E mAIL is