Wednesday 18 November 2009

Salford Bridge (Looking towards Church Street)

This postcard is titled 'Blackburn - Salford Bridge' and is a very similar image to the previous posting. The quality is a little 'grainy' but another interesting photo nevertheless. The young bloke, near the tram tracks, with his back to us, looks to be doing his Charlie Chaplin impression. Click on the photo to see him. 


  1. This is a brilliant photo of Church St Colin and looks far better than what is being constructed there at present.
    It's always intrigued me why Church St has had 3 Public Houses / Hotel with "Bull" in it's name...1.Old Bull..2.White Bull..3.Little Bull,

    Now for my latest "Rant"....Why the Hell do people change the names of well established Pubs that have been there for a centuary or more simply to try and make them sound more trendy !! The Grapes (or whatever it's called now) springs to mind. It doesn't work folk !! Trust Me !!

  2. I had never given it any thought about the three 'Bulls' being in the one vicinity John (well, I mentioned something elsewhere about the 'Big' and 'Little' Bulls being close I think). I certainly have no idea why they WERE all so close by. There was a Golden Lion and a Bay Horse in amongst them, just to keep the animal theme going too.

    The only other Bulls I can think of at the moment are the ones at Wilpshire, Livesey and Redlam (all still open for business too, as far as I'm aware).

    Yes, the modern name changes nark me as well. The Grapes will always be the Grapes to most locals, so why they mess around and re-name them is beyond me too.