Wednesday 28 April 2010

Rail Workers At Blackburn Station - c1920

A group of railway workers at Blackburn Station. Unsure of the decade, but judging by the clothes they are wearing, I would hazard a guess at the 1920's.
We think they are posing in front of a signal box, but could be wrong.
If you have any further information with regards this photo, I'll happily update it at a later date.


  1. Where's me comment gone Colin....Feniscowles ?
    I spend hours contributing to this site, and then get em "Binned" ;)

  2. I haven't binned any comments John. All comments appear in both my e-mail in-box and on this site when I log on. Even if I missed one in my e-mail (which I haven't), I would definitely pick up on it when logging onto the site. Couldn't miss it, as the first thing that appears is ''You have comments to moderate''

    Are you sure you didn't leave a message on Facebook? as I also put this photo on there and it was on there I mentioned Feniscowles, not on here? I can only approve / moderate comments I get. If they don't reach me for whatever reason, I can't.

  3. Ooops! I think you are probably right Colin, maybe it was the Facebook site where I placed my comment. It's bloody difficult trying to keep track of various sites I've visited when you get to my Prehistoric Age!

    Having looked at this photo again, I'm beginning to think that my original guess of it being the signal box just before the tunnel at the station might be wrong.
    If my memory serves me right I think there was a small type of shunting engine shed at the Islington Goods Depot and this could be it.

    Ah just like "Pissing in the wind" it's all "Coming back to me" It was on Facebook where I left that comment !!!