Saturday 5 June 2010

Shoe Shine Person on The Boulevard - c1920's (?)

I really like this old photo. I don't know why (maybe Hollywood movies), but shoe-shine boys, or whatever the correct term is, are something I always associate with America. Though I'm sure they must have had them here in the UK too. Evidently they did.
Unsure of the year, but I'm guessing the 1920's ?
( Another photo that enlarges well )


  1. Another nice Photo Colin. Have you any thoughts of what the "Domed Tower" is just to the right of the old Electricity Works Chimney?
    The two Men leaning against the railings seem to be looking on while they wait their turn to have their shoes or boots cleaned, while the bloke walking past looking back appears to be thinking "If only I could afford to have mine done"

  2. To be honest John, I don't know what the dome is. Could it have been on the top of Queens Hall, which would have been beyond, in that general direction, from where the camera is. It was on the corner of George St and Darwen St, but whether it had a dome on top (possibly on the corner), I couldn't say. Has Edmundson's building got any domes, they're in that direction too.

    I reckon the blokes leaning on the railings were just idling the day away. If it is the 1920's / 1930's there was a lot of unemployment.

  3. Yes, it seems like 1920's although I can't think of a significant event in that period which would merit the flag in the right background being flown at half mast. Such occasions were usually reserved for the death of a member of the royal family or a major disaster. I believe the dome is the Queen's Hall.

  4. Thanks Roger. I'll try and find a photo of the Queens Hall sometime and see if we're right. I've no ideas either with regards the flag at half mast.