Sunday 14 November 2010

The old St James Church at Blackamoor?

I believe this to be St James Church at the top of Stopes Brow / corner of Roman Road, demolished in approximately 1969, by all accounts. I don't personally remember this church (there's a new St James there now), so if anyone can confirm that it is the old St James, I would appreciate it. It does have 'Blackamoor Church' printed on the card and I don't know of any other churches in that vicinity, so I'm assuming it's the right one.
Below is another view of the same church (Added 23-11-2010), supplied by Anne Holding. Anne confirms, as John has in the comments, this is indeed St James at Blackamoor.   
The upper war memorial is the one by St James's Church. The lower one is the memorial at Guide, but as it is pretty close by, it's highly likely that the people listed on either, would have been neighbours with each other. Very sad to see that sometimes 4 or 5 share the same surname and you can't help but think they must have been related, possibly brothers from the same family.


  1. Hi Colin
    Yes this is St James at Blackamoor, and as you quite rightly state it was demolished around the late 60s. It stood there for around 140 years (Consecrated 1829)

  2. I have an ancestor who died in the first world war, my father (now deceased) told me his name was on a war memorial in Blackamoor. Can anyone confirm if there is still a memorial there (perhaps it was in the St James churchyard) as I would like to find it when I am next in the area (I now live in the Midlands)

  3. Hi Susan

    I took a photo of the war memorial back in October (I've added it to the post for you). It has names on all four sides. It's easy to find, as it's just off the top of Stopes Brow, next to the new St James church. It's not in the churchyard, but just outside.

  4. Thankyou so much for adding the photo. When I am next up in the area I will pay a visit and see if the name of my great uncle who died in the first war is on it.


  5. does anyone know what happened to the graves as some of my ancestors are buried here. My great great uncle had a memeorial service here in december 1915 and a communion table was dedicated in his honour. He was killed in May 1915 at Gallipoli. Does anyone know where the contents of the church went upon demolition?

    1. From your description I believe I know which family you refer to. Working on WW1 War Dead, as events are being planned for later in the year. If I am onto the correct family I have photo's of the grave. Is your family tree on Lower Darwen

  6. Hi

    If you look at the photo of the war memorial, the bowed soldier one, not the marble tablet, the graveyard is right behind it, through that gate. I've never been in the graveyard, it always appears to be locked when I've passed, but the graves and memorials look ancient.

    Not sure if you're familiar with the area, your comment suggests you're not, but the new church is just to the left of the memorial, out of shot in my photo. They (the clergy and congregation) would be the people who might know what happened to the contents of the old church.

    Google the church name and you'll probably find a contact address / number.

    Hope that helps a bit.