Saturday 11 December 2010

Bank Top / Griffin x 2

Two similar images of the Bank Top / Griffin / Redlam Brow area, the lower one being a more commonly seen photo.
(I know this area isn't really Witton, but I had to file the post under a 'label' and it is on the way to Witton)


  1. My Great Uncle Bernard used to have a shop on the right hand side of the road (as you're looking) at the far end of the nearest row

  2. Hi
    Please could you advise me how I could purchase copies of these two photos
    Many thanks

  3. Hi

    They are both images from old postcards that I had scanned onto my computer. I don't have the hard copies.

    All I can suggest is that you download them from here and then print them out. If you haven't a printer, just download them onto a disc and either ask someone you know to print them for you or take them into any good camera shop and they would do it for you (at a charge). The camera shop on Northgate will do them, they did some for one of my cousins a couple of years ago.

    I don't have a printer any more, or I would have been happy to run off copies for you. There is another old image of this area on here somewhere, looking in the opposite direction, ie with the Griffin pub behind the photographer.

    Best regards.