Friday 14 January 2011

Station Square / Boulevard - c1920

The Boulevard or Station Square as it is called here. Doesn't it look tidy? There's about four modes of transport on view, the taxis to the left, the tram over towards the cathedral, the bus/charabanc in the foreground and what appears to be  a pony & trap just beyond that.
Photo probably dates to around 1920.

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  1. There's actually 5 modes of transport if you include the pedestrians walking. I wonder if the photographer had that in mind when he/she was taking it ?
    It's a nice picture Colin,and as you say,it does look nice and tidy,unlike today when mindless Herberts seem to think that they can drop all sorts of litter wherever they want.
    "Bring back the Birch" that's what I say !! or make them watch all of Prestons games this season ;-)