Friday 22 April 2011

Preston New Road x 3 - c1906

Three views of Preston New Road dating to around the same time, early in the 20th century. The two horizontal shots have been taken from approximately the same spot, at the foot of Shear Bank Road and the vertical image a little higher up, probably close to the Adelaide Terrace junction.
The church in the upper two images is St George's and the one in the bottom photo is the Trinity Wesleyan Chapel, on the corner of Montague Street.
The lower photo is probably earlier than the other two, possibly the late 1800's.


  1. Hi i would like to know more about the houses built.on preston new road.just where the chapel use to be when they wete built and what purpose they served thanks its the no 105 preston new raod where we have moved since last 4 years its been a rolacoster of it please if you have any pictures and so thanks kind regards safina .

    1. Sorry Safina, but I don't have any info on any houses on PNRd. You are probably better off going into the reference library upstairs in the central library and asking them if you can have a look through the trade directories. Just look for 105 PNRd in each one and the entries will maybe give you a clue to who lived there and what their occupation was.

      The ref library have directories going back to around 1875. They don't have one for every year, as they were only published once every 3 or 4 years.



  2. One used to be a dentist in early 1970's. Remember going with my dad when he had all his teeth out and got false ones I played in front garden of it waiting. Building still there not sure of number but it was facing the old driving school.