Friday 17 June 2011

Life In A Northern Town

Another slide show I've put together. Some of the images you may already have seen, but there's a few you may not have.

Music is from The Dream Academy  ''Life In A Northern Town''

To see the photo credits, please read the short description on YouTube.

Just click on either of the links below. If the Youtube one doesn't work in your country, then the Daily Motion one might.


  1. I enjoyed this video Colin, well done Bud. Did you ever get an answer as to where that photograph of the church procession was taken ?

  2. Thanks John. I enjoyed putting it together.

    No I never got an answer. Facebook is like that isn't it. Everything is very transitory. Things move on very quickly.

    I don't think it is Blackburn. The seller on eBay said it was Blackburn, but I had my doubts, which is why I didn't buy it (I ''borrowed'' it). It's the sort of procession that used to go on, even right into the late 1960's in our town and I suppose every town, so sort of fits the theme of the slide show.

    I know some suggested Whalley N. Rd or Whalley Range and I can see why they'd think that, but I know that area pretty well and I'm quite certain it's not (unless it had changed drastically by the time I was growing up, which I don't think it has).

  3. I know what you mean as to the sellers description Colin. I think there are a couple of books on eBay which come up when you type Blackburn into the search box, but they're about a Blackburn in Scotland somewhere.Still like you say it fits in well with the rest of slides, and what's wrong with a bit of poetic licence eh !!

  4. I have a very old glass bottle stamped LION BREWERY BLACKBURN. It has a small spout on the top of the neck.
    I wonder if a collector would be interested in it.