Sunday 6 January 2013

Station Road (Railway Road) - c1905

A 1905 view of of Railway Road, or Station Road as it was back then. Taken from Salford Bridge, the group of people to the right would have been stood on the White Bull corner. Beyond them we can see the railway station in the distance, the corner of The Adelphi Hotel, Telegraph House with its dome on this side of High Street and the canopied shops down to the corner where the Hake Boat chippy would eventually be.
With the exception of Telegraph House, if you were to stand in the same place as the photographer did back then, you would probably get a similar view today.



  1. Wasn't the Hake Boat a favourite haunt of Russell Harty and Madge Hindle? I remember calling in one Saturday lunchtime just after the ceiling had fallen in. Lunch was still being served though, we just had to avoid the lumps of plaster on the tables. You don't get that sort of customer service these days.
    Roger Owen

  2. I think you could be right Roger. I remember reading about R. Harty and Madge calling in there in a little book I have. She was mayoress at the time and they sometimes called there in the mayor's limo.