Sunday 20 January 2013

Preston New Rd / Limefield - c1910

Not the best quality image, but a pleasant view, from a more tranquil time, of the top stretch of Preston New Road, looking towards Billinge End in the far distance. I think the photographer would have been stood at the top of Saunders Road. 
As with a lot of these old postcard images, the lack of traffic is a noticeable feature, with just a couple of horse drawn vehicles in the distance. You can just imagine the clip clop of the horses passing your house and the rumbling, trundling of the occasional tram.
This was quite a well heeled part of town back then (see Matthew Cole's book 'Blackburn's West End') and many of those large properties would have been inhabited by some of  our leading citizens, as would the roads and streets on either side, Crosshill Rd, Granville Rd and St Silas's Rd etc.
Below is another view of part of the same section, but looking in the opposite direction, towards town.


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