Saturday 16 February 2013

Lord St viewed from Lord St West - 1963

Lord St viewed from Lord St West, looking across Northgate, with Johnny Forbes outfitters on the left and Watson & Wrigley (work wear?) on the right. Just out of view (sadly), beyond W & W is the old Wine Lodge.  I think that is probably its sign jutting out a bit towards the top of those premises.
Lower down on the left hand side is the National Provincial Bank (again) on the corner of King William St and further down Harrops, the Clarence pub, Rakestraws and in the distance, market stalls and the buildings on Victoria St.
Courtesy of John Eddleston


  1. I don't recall this being in either of the books I have (Blackburn A Proud Town)....were all of his photos definitely included?

  2. Hi Lorcan

    I couldn't swear on it, but I think they were all in the books. Without checking, I couldn't say for certain.

    I only have the blue book, I never bothered with the red one as my brother had it.