Wednesday 13 February 2013

Queens Park & the flats (Hi-Rise & Deck Access) - 1974

I think this is a superb photo of the lake and the flats at Queens Park. Nice colours, it almost looks like a watercolour painting and great reflections on the lake. 
The photo was taken in 1974 by Nick Clare when he was living in the hi-rise blocks. 
A native of Devon, Nick came to Blackburn for a visit to his wife's parents in 1972. During his visit, he applied for a job here, was successful and they ended up living in Blackburn for the next 12 years or so. 
There's only a handful of photos of the Queens Park hi-rise that I'm aware of, mainly in black & white and even fewer of the deck-access flats that are in the background.
Courtesy of Nick Clare 

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  1. Remember the view well as a young kids played in Queens Park and there was a big slide next to the flats and today the H&S bods would have a fit as was situated on cobbled stones lol