Friday 12 April 2013

Penny St / Brown St / Lark Hill - 1963

Penny St, and again looking towards Lark Hill. The street to the left, which the couple have just crossed was Brown St. That street is still with us, but doesn't follow the exact line of the original street. They kind of moved it slightly to accommodate the 3 day market and the wholesale market, back in the 1960's when both were built.
The premises on the upper corner of Brown street, with the doorway angled towards us, was The Ship Inn. The taller buildings a little further on, are the start of Lark Hill. 
The higgledy piggledy look, with the varying roof levels, gives us an indication that the various shops along this stretch were built at different times, in different periods. Darwen St, King St and Church St were (to some degree still are) also like this.
Photo courtesy of John Eddleston 

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