Friday 26 April 2013

Water Street viewed from Salford - 1963

This is Water St, viewed from Salford and looking towards the rooftops of Regent St in the far distance. The properties on the right, look semi-derelict, some possibly still occupied but others definitely vacated.
This photo, taken in 1963, would have been just prior to the clearance and redevelopment of the town centre (as are many of Eddleston's photos) and the covering over of this section of the River Blakewater.
Note the temporary bus park, which I think would be where Cable St, part of James St and maybe part of Old Chapel Street once stood.
I have a vivid memory of crossing over that footbridge with my mum, when I was a small, pre school age, child.

Photo courtesy of John Eddleston 

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  1. Blackburn looked nice back then!

    Christopher Bingham.