Saturday 11 May 2013

Whalley Banks looking towards King St - 1963

Looking down Whalley Banks into King St, with the old Roxy Cinema on the right. Nice lamp post on the left, possibly adapted from one of the old tram standards (or whatever they were called), as this was one of the tram routes that radiated from the town centre. The Cherry Tree route, I think it was called, as that is where it terminated.

Photo courtesy of John Eddleston


  1. Good Morning Sir,

    I never went to the "Roxy" but remember it being open as a cinema. I was curious as to the name of the Pub on the corner of Leyland St(left of the picture)There was a Neptune hotel on Leyland St but I'm not sure this is it?

    this picture is actually on King St as Whalley Banks ends on the other side of King St bridge

  2. I stand corrected BTS. You are of course quite right, it is indeed King St and not Whalley Banks (my mistake).

    The pub you mention, on the corner of Leyland St would be The Commercial Inn.

  3. Thanks Blackburnlad.

    I remember a pub called the commercial but somehow thought it was in the space where Paradise lane carpark is now...oh how the memories play tricks and these wonderful photographs rectify

  4. There may well have been another Commercial BTS, but that one on the corner of Leyland St was definitely called the Commercial. I consulted an old map and a couple of trade directories to determine the name.

    All well before my time, so I have to use the resources available to me :-)



  5. The other Commercial was at Nova Scotia on Bolton Road, on right-hand side proceeding towards Darwen. A Dutton's house if I remember correctly.

    Roger Owen

  6. Of course yes, I remember that one myself Roger. I've been in it. It was still open into the early - mid 1980's, if not a while later. I don't remember the other one on King St / Leyland St, that was a bit before I was of drinking age.


    1. I went Roxy with my elder sisters on saturday mornings.