Tuesday 30 July 2013

Brookhouse Lane - A St Alban's Procession - c1963

Of all of John Eddleston's photographs of Blackburn, well the ones that have been published (about 200 of them in total), this is the only known coloured photo (though it appears in the book in Black & White).
Taken in 1963, as far as we know, it shows one of the processions from St Alban's Church, as they make their way up Brookhouse Lane.
The caption in the book reads  ''The Polish community of St Alban's Parish, in procession along Brookhouse Lane''  The traditional dress of the ladies and the children certainly looks Eastern European.
I attended St Alban's School and took part in similar processions (well at least one) when I was about 6 years old.
This procession is going in the opposite direction to the route we took. We left the church / school, walked up Whalley New Rd to Bastwell, turned left along Whalley Range and then left again down Brookhouse Lane and back to the starting point.
Lots of these processions used to take place each year, most churches and their associated schools had them. 
Photo courtesy of John Eddleston


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    Baffled of Blackburn :-)

  2. My mum is in this photo. From what she's told me the Polish parade was not something she looked forward to!

  3. I'm in it too. That's me right at the front with a bow in my hair. I was thinking ''Why do I have to wear a skirt, when all the other lads get to wear trousers''

    Why did your mum not look forward to it ?



  4. Brilliant...good memories, the lane, the brewery, the brook and the school

  5. Great pics, good memories of the lane, the brewery, the brook , the school. Moved out in the early 70s but still love the nostalgia from those days