Thursday 16 January 2014

Richmond Terrace looking towards Sudell Cross / Limbrick -- 1963

Looking along Richmond Terrace, towards Sudell Cross, from just below Victoria St, with the boundary wall of St John's Church to the right of the photo and the white tiled gable of the Library/Museum building in the middle distance.
To the left, just off this image, is where there was at one time (1950's - mid 60's?) a clinic, which I think was a pre-fabricated type of building and the doorway visible in the photo, just to the left of the traffic light pole was possibly where the dentist was (or was the entrance to the dentist around the corner, on Victoria St itself?)

Photo courtesy of John Eddleston

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  1. This is one of my favourite photo's taken by John Eddleston. I think it's because I was brought up not far from it. St John's was where I was christened, and I also attended it for a good many years until we moved away from the area. As for the Clinic, I seem to recall going through those doors you mention Colin ; not only for the dentist, but also for my regular eye tests. (Don't you dare say I should still be going in there !) It was also where I went for my medical as a 12 year old to get my permit to allow me to do a paper round for Kershaw's newsagents on Victoria St. I still have that permit Colin, so if you would like it for either this site or your Facebook group I'll scan it and send it to you, Just drop me a e-mail.