Thursday 17 December 2009

Darwen Street and the Railway Bridge

Another touched up / hand tinted postcard. Darwen Street, with a glimpse of the railway bridge to the left. The shop on the extreme right was a Pork Butcher and the shop to the left of it, sold China, Glass and Hardware, according to the boards at roof level (Neville's Fancy Goods they're listed as in the directories).  I think it was a large toy shop, when I was a child in the 1960's. 
Some of these buildings, although altered, are still there today.


  1. Your'e right Colin about the shop with the 3 Pitched Roofs and Windows being Neville's Toy Shop. I used to pass this on my way to my Grandma's house on Walker St just off Audley. The shop was burned down in the late 60's or early 70's (Not sure of the date exactly)and they had to demolish it. The gap it left is still visible to this very day as the site was never built on again possibly because the River Blakewater ran under it.

  2. I was looking out for this building last time I walked down that way. The fact it burned down and was then demolished explains why I didn't see it;-)

  3. The pork butchers shop was owned by my great Grandfather, Frederick Quysner, in the 40's up the the 60's when it was bought from my great grandad by my father, Hartley Cox, who traded from there for many years. My Dad married the boss's granddaughter, Dorothy, who is still alive and kicking at 88 years young. Frederick had two other butchers shops one opposite the Pump House Pub on Whalley Banks and one on Duckworth St At the bottom of Dove Lane Darwen.

  4. When I put this picture on here John, I remembered you telling me once before about your family having that butchers.