Sunday 6 December 2009

Mill Hill Railway Station c1900

I can't personally remember Mill Hill Railway Station, looking like this. Throughout my lifetime, I think there has always just been steps from the road, down to the platforms. Those 5 metal panels on the right are still there today and 3 of the ones on the left remain, but the rest have been replaced by walling.
Looking on an old map from 1933, that large mill in the background, stood on the corner of Mill Hill Street and Queen Victoria Street (kind of opposite where A.P. Taylor Glass are now) and was part of the Waterfall Mill complex. Waterfall Mills, as well as being on Peel Street, stretched quite a way down Queen Victoria Street.
(update) I have it on good authority from my brother Bill, that his mate Geoff, remembers the station looking like this in the late 1950's or early 60's. In fact he thinks he remembers the kid stood in the centre;-)


  1. I lived in Mill Hill as a child and remember being taken to the station when it was certainly a building like this. I was born in 62 and remember it being knocked down and replaced by the steps I recon about 68 to 69 when that happened. Shawn Kay

  2. I remember Mill Hill station just like this and I left Blackburn in 1951.

  3. Hi, my brother is looking for people with memories or stories from Waterfall mill, Tony's Ballroom and Holy Trinity church for a short film as part of a project called 'Found in Blackburn'. Would you know anyone who could help? Many Thanks