Monday 7 December 2009

High School For Girls - Preston New Rd

This is a drawing from 1895. It is the architects vision of how the proposed Girl's High School on Preston New Road would look. I don't recall the tower like structure myself, but the actual building, was pretty much like the drawing, once built. For those unaware, this building stood on the left of the road, just a little higher than the Montague Street junction. It was the Girls' High School right through to the 1950's, possibly even beyond then, but in later years, it operated as the Curriculum Centre. It was demolished about 9 years ago (approximately 1999 - 2001) and a complex of 3-4 storey flats now occupy the plot.


  1. During the late 70's the building was used as a school for a short while, I think they called it the "Longshaw annexe". The children who went there, were meant to go to the newly built Roman Rd School but it wasn't finished in time for the start of the school year.

  2. Thanks Tony. I wasn't aware of that.