Sunday 21 February 2010

Church Street looking towards Salford

Looking down Church Street towards Salford, with both the Bay Horse and the Lord Nelson visible. Not sure of the year, but at a guess, I would say 1950's or maybe early 1960's.
The colour postcard below is a far earlier shot (c1900) looking in the same direction.


  1. Hi Colin
    I would have to go for the top Photo having been taken around 1962/3. It's only a gut feeling, but the parked cars seem to sway me towards that era. As for the bottom photo am I right in assuming that just beyond the shops with the canvas canopies above the windows would have been the Golden Lion Pub ? I'd also like to have a guess at the destination of the Tram, it's either Darwen or Intack but I can't tell which way it's pointing !!

  2. You're probably right with the early 1960's John, I was only guessing.

    In the bottom photo, the last canopy would be just before the entrance to Victoria Street. I think the corner property would be Beatty Bros, as I've seen old photos taken from the other direction, then yep, across Victoria Street would have been a corner shop (shoe shop - later to be Hiltons) and then The Golden Lion.

    As for the tram, I have no idea, so would agree with you. I can't see any wires, so would guess it was horse drawn or steam powered.

    It's a nice image, the coloured card, but very difficult to see anything clearly. It just pixelates if you try and enlarge it.

  3. In the bottom photo it shows a large building in the distance. Was this the Swan Brewery Colin ?

  4. I wouldn't have thought so John. It might have been part of the original Thwaites Brewery? It's hard to say, as it's such a dodgy, indistinct image.

    At a guess I would say it was one of the old warehouses / factories on Starkie St, sort of behind Salford, but I am definitely guessing.

    If you look to the far left of the roofline of that building, that grey looking 'block' poking out, could have possibly been the brewery tower of the Swan Brewery in the distance, but to be honest, I would have thought the whole of the Swan Brewery would be further left from this angle.