Friday 12 March 2010

Bolton Rd - Ewood

Another nice old postcard depicting yet another section of Bolton Road. Today, the houses and shops on the left hand side are more or less as they were when this photo was taken, though St Bartholemews School and Church on the right, plus some of the houses on that side, have now gone.


  1. I used to park up on the Darwen End car park for my Lunch and watch the demolition of St Bart's Church.They must have taken a good 9 Months to complete the job as they actually demolished it stone by stone(Reclamation job eh)
    The tall chimney in the distance belonged to Ewood Mill's where my mum and Dad met each other in the late fourties.Another thing that's missing from this Photo Colin are the Iron Railings to the front Gardens of the houses on the Left (Blame Bloody Hitler for that !!)

  2. Aye, the iron railings wil have been taken for the war effort, I hadn't noticed that.

    Are Ewood Mills the ones that the Waters Edge pub became a a part of?

  3. Ewood Mills used to be more or less on the land which ALDI now occupies Colin.

  4. Oh, I'm with you now. I can't remember it, but know where you mean. Cheers!

  5. I remember looking at the iron gates of st barts at break time and dinner with my friends and thinking that they where huge but now as i walk past my old school isnt even there and its so sad that so many memories have been taken down with it plus the gates seem ALOT smaller lol

  6. I have another photo of the church which I'll add to the site once I get some time. It is sad when schools disappear, as they are such a big part of everyone's life. We all hate them while we're young and at school, but then look back on those years fondly as we get older.

    1. I own a house on the corner of bolton road and top o' th' croft. I have been told it was once a police station, and then the caretakers house for the school in this picture. Can anyone confirm whether this is true?