Wednesday 10 March 2010

Novas, Bolton Road

I can't decide whether this is looking up or down Bolton Rd, though I think it might be looking down, in the direction of town. Is that church steeple in the distance All Saints or whatever it was called, on the corner of Frecklton Street or maybe St Mary's on Islington (did that have a steeple?).


  1. I'm almost sure that this photo is looking down Bolton Rd from the Infirmary end Colin.
    Is that building above the head of the Horse and Cart Driver the Savoy Cinema ?
    Also the title on the photo say's "Novas" which at a guess is short for "Nova scotia" which I think is the name of this part of Bolton Rd.

  2. Yeah, that fits in with my thinking too John. So the large garage like building on the extreme right would be almost beside the canal (near where Groundwork Trust now are) and the tram would be passing the corner shop that was/is Michael Ellis. On the left, just off the photo would be the Horse Load pub).

    That stretch is called both, either Nova Scotia or Novas. I knew the section of the road we are on, but just couldn't get the right perspective. It's that building and row of houses on the right that threw me. They must have all gone and been built on (a warehouse, I think) by the 1960's.


  3. I think your'e right about the buildings on the right having been long gone Colin, but I think the wall just to the left of the three blokes carrying shovels is still there. I wonder if they were following the horse waiting for nature to take it's course or if they were on their way to the Railway sidings further down Bolton Rd to unload coal from the coal trains and onto wagons.

  4. Yeah that wall is still there John. I've walked by there many a time, even as recently as last week.

    Just a couple of blocks past the wall, past Iron Street, but before the Savoy, there's a secondhand shop on a corner and from memory, that has something wrote on the upper storey saying 'Novas 18??'

  5. The street to the left or the three men was Chadwick St , the lamp post was outside of The Horse Load pub , the corner shop on the right was Tommy Hursts cycle shop , two shops lower down was Thos Boltons grocers . on the right the building with the sliding doors was a joiners shop belonging to Livesey & Son Building contractors ( this later became Wittons carpets

  6. Thanks for the additional information Ernest.