Wednesday 28 April 2010

Church St looking towards Darwen Street - c1913

A quaint scene from 1913, looking up Church Street towards the Old Bull and the Old Bank, from just below the Ainsworth Street junction. This sepia image is from a postcard, but as Cottontown also have the same image (in black & white), I'm going to credit them, as that's where I got the info.


  1. Another brilliant photo of Church St Colin.As you well know I do have a soft spot for this part of old Blackburn, but I'll resist getting on my "High Horse" about the demise of it (Just for this once!!)
    I can only remember the Saxone and Cable Shoe Shop in the photo at No 46 Church St(Thank you Mr Barrett) as being called Saxone. If I remember rightly it used to have it's name above the shop window in large Chrome letters.
    I wonder if the person in the Horse and Trap are on their way to the Ivy Clad Doctors house just a bit further down the road, or better still, is it Elma Yerburgh on her way to the Brewery ? This is why I like these old Photo's, trying to imagine who the people were,and what they were doing at the time.
    Going back to the Horse and Trap,the horseman is sat on the Right Hand Side,I wonder if that's the reason why we have Right Hand Drive cars?

  2. I vaguely remember Saxone being there John, but can't remember what the signage looked like. I definitely remember Boots being along there.

    The doctors (Dr Pollard) house would have gone by 1913, replaced by Hepworths turreted building, which later became the Tramway Offices (see another photo under CHURCH STREET), which itself would also be demolished in the 1930's to make way for the Woolworths store.

    It does make the old photos more interesting wondering who the people might have been and what they were up to at the time.