Saturday 19 June 2010

King William Street - c1905

King William Street (again). This postcard dates from 1905.
Note the wording on the building on the corner of New Market Street. 'Market Buildings' on one side and 'Stonehouse Drapers' on the K.W.St side. Again, as in other photos from this period, the statue of Robert Peel is still in situ at roof level.


  1. You've got me stumped here Colin with the reference to the statue of Robert Peel.This is the first time that I have heard of it's existence.I've just had a quick look on Cotton Town to find out a bit more about him,and to be honest I still don't know which "Robert" it is. Is it the MP ? The Prime Minister ? or the Baronet? It can't be the founder of the Police Force (The Bobby's)because I think that he was born in Bury.It's a bit confusing !!
    And where did the statue go after it was removed from here ?

  2. Why can't it be the founder of the police force John? His birth place is irrelevant. Gladstone wasn't born here (he was born in Liverpool) and we have a statue of him. Victoria wasn't born here and we have a statue of her.

    I'm 99.9% sure it's Robert Peel the younger, who became an MP, was appointed Home Secretary (founded the police force whilst in office) and went on to become Prime Minister. He was Prime Minister during the reign of King William lV, who the street was very probably named after.

    Not sure where the statue went. I remember reading in the LT about 25 years ago that it stood in some council yard for decades, open to the elements, covered in moss, eroding, broken and battered by being moved around from time to time by careless council workers who used the yard.

    Can't believe you've never heard of its existence before. It was discussed on BNAT in some depth and it's mentioned on this blog under other photos of K.W.St.

  3. Thanks for this info Colin. This is definitely the first time that I have been made aware of the existance of this Statue.
    Having read your reply to my comment I have had a look at King William's history and he was a "Bit of a Lad" to say the least, having fathered 10 illegitimate children!!
    One of his direct descendants’is the current Prime Minister (I didn't vote him in!)
    But why would someone commission a statue and then place it in such a position where nobody would notice it?

  4. Hi John - That central section of that block on K.W. Street is called the Peel buildings. I think the name might still be visible (though not sure of that). As for the positioning of the statue, maybe they thought it would be noticeable at roof level. There are 4 statues at roof level on the college's Victoria Centre (Technical School). I think I might have noticed the statue if it had have still been in situ. I noticed the 4 on the roof of the Technical School, long before I ever worked there.