Saturday 18 December 2010

Corporation Park Slide Show - Postcards c1910 - (A Stroll Through The Park)

My stroll is from the main entrance on Preston New Rd, passing the fountain and the flower beds (The Memorial Garden since WW1), up by the smaller fountain (The Dingle) at the side of the Carriage Drive, a quick look at the bandstand on the green facing QEGS, back down for a chat with the ducks and the swans on the lake, then on to the West Park gate (I wanted to see if there was any cricket going on at Alexandra Meadows), passing the conservatory both on the way there and on the way back. Over to the steps by the ornamental gardens, stopping briefly on the Broad Walk to catch my breath, then finally up to the cannons / battery to take in the fantastic view across the Valley of The Black Water. I just hope they knock down some of those factory chimney's one day.
A little exercise does you good and it's still a beautiful park, well worth a visit, whatever the season.
(And it takes just 4 minutes 33 seconds to complete my walk;-)

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  1. It was so lovely to follow your walk because Corporation was the park I spent most of my holidays in as a child and walked with my pram and baby to sit and read to the right of the gate, later on in years; I was 18 to be exact!
    I went first to Holy Trinity School, then St. Luke's on Duckworth Street, then Blackburn Tech. High School until I left at 15 to move to Bristol and Cheltenham.
    I found your 'memories' by looking up my last school so I am thrilled to see 'old Blackburn.
    We are on the Fylde now.
    So many thanks to you,