Tuesday 3 January 2012

Bank Top - c1900

A lovely old view of Bank Top, viewed from the Griffin / Redlam Brow corner.
All the properties on the left hand side are long gone, but the properties on the right, from the corner closest to us and down to St Luke's Church still remain.
This rather grainy photo is of a photographers shop / studio, which was lower down Bank Top, below the almshouses, sort of opposite St Wilfrid's school. It's an image from an advertising card for T. Coupe Photographer who was at No 40 Bank Top. 
From the early 1920's this same premises was occupied by Leslie's Photographers, so this photo must pre-date that decade. I have a directory from 1894 and T. Coupe's business was here back then.
(Please ignore my comment below that this photo is from the 40's or 50's, as mentioned, it's substantially earlier).
Courtesy of the CP collection.


  1. Nice to see a version of the Bank Top scene shot from the western side; I knew most of the shops around Bank Top as a boy, attended Bank top CPS and lived in Garden Street, now demolished,so this view is much like the area I grew up in the 50s and 60s. Jim

  2. I agree Jim. The best known photos from this period are usually looking into Redlam Brow and showing the Griffin pub.

    I have a poor quality image from the 40's or 50's of a shop which I was told was Coupe's Photographers, which I believe was on the left hand side somewhere along here. I'll upload it sometime. I might even attach it to this post. Colin

  3. Hello Jim and Colin
    I too grew up on Bank Top in the 50s and 60s and went to BTP school. I lived in Turner Street. They were good times back then.

  4. Hi

    If you type in Bank Top, Griffin or Redlam in the search box in the top left corner, there's a few more pics that you might find interesting.



  5. Type in Witton too, there's some pics of that end of Redlam as well.