Monday 18 March 2013

Penny St / Lark Hill - 1963

This is where Penny St became Lark Hill. If you look closely, you can see both street signs to the left of the photo.
The first property on Lark Hill (the three storey buildings) was the Post Office that my mum used to use. I'm not sure what the next shop was, but the next along was Gleave's chippy (Cose Cafe) and then on the corner of Regent St was Holt's Chemist. On the opposite corner was Ramskill's tobacconists, who also sold sweets and then midway up the next block was Seddon's clothes shop. You can also just see a glimpse (towards the top) of The Lark Hill Tavern on the corner of Blakewater St and across the road, the walled embankment of Lark Hill Terrace and the large property on the corner of Primrose Bank (near to St Alban's Junior School and the church).
Photo courtesy of John Eddleston 

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