Wednesday 20 March 2013

Starkie St (site of Thwaites Brewery now) - 1963

This is looking along Starkie St from the Penny St end. The photographer would have been stood (approximately) at the junction of Moor St, sort of where the ramp that takes you up onto Thwaites car-park starts (behind The Fleece pub). In the distance, where the people are, we have Cleaver St off to the left and to the right, Vicar St. Standing here today, you would just see Thwaites Brewery all up the left hand side and at the far end. Turn right at that end, the only way you can turn these days, and you come out onto Salford, where The Veteran pub and the Salvation Army Citadel are.
Photo courtesy of John Eddleston

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  1. Interesting picture. A street that had seen plenty of live and well written features engrained in every brick. Not a soul to be seen. Was it derelict at the time of the photo..