Tuesday 26 March 2013

Salford viewed from Church St - 1963

Salford with the Bay Horse pub dominant, viewed from the lower end of Church St. The Woolworth's (1930's) store to the left and the railings of the underground toilets in front of it.
As far as I can see, every building and structure in this view has now gone, including the properties off in the distance.
Photo courtesy of John Eddleston


  1. I just wonder if the Woolworth building was ever a listed property. It was such a classic of the 1930s. I fully understand that listed builings were very low in the minds of our wonderful developers who destroyed the centre of Blackburn but one would have thought they would have given extra attention in protecting such a wondeful feature of our town . Church Street was special. Look at i5t now!!! Sad.

  2. I've no idea if it was or wasn't listed Rodney, but I agree with you, it should have been.