Sunday 20 December 2015

Royal Vist - King George V - 10th July 1913

A royal visit to Blackburn.
King George V and his entourage were here on 10th July 1913 to lay the foundation stone of the public halls, now better known to us as King George's Hall. Here the cavalcade can be seen crossing the Boulevard in the direction of the Railway Station.

It would be October 1921 before the halls were finally opened, the main delay being the Great War of 1914 - 1918.

Sadly I would estimate that a proportion of the people in this crowd, especially the men, would not have survived to see the completion of the halls. Although many would do and as with future generations of Blackburn folk, they would in later decades have attended ceremonies, dances, concerts, pantomimes, plays and a variety of other performances, functions and events held there.

Courtesy of the CP Collection

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  1. I remember King George's Hall Speech Night from the 'Tech' around the corner; later the Saturday night Dances with the Jock Caton Band. Great Hall for all occasions.