Sunday 12 July 2015

Mellor Brook - The Bridge Inn

The Bridge Inn at Mellor, with a nice advertisement painted on the gable for Whewell's High Class Ales & Special Nourishing Stout.
Thomas Whewell's Victoria Brewery was on Adelaide St (Montague St area) in Blackburn.

Courtesy of the CP collection


  1. Do you know the year this was taken. I had a few family members who lived in this village. On the right you can see the side of the school house and facing is the Institute. At the other side of the institute (out of sight) was my Grandmothers house (Dads mother) and her daughter, next door was my Mums cousins with her Mother and Father next door all out of Dad's sister lived across from my Grandmother. The building in the distance was the Post Office, which another of my Mums cousins ran,

  2. Sorry Joyce, but I don't know when it was taken.